How can my child join CMT?

You can choose to apply by the following ways:

  1. Complete the online application form here.
  2. Download the application form here, complete the application form, and mail the cheque for the application fee ($80) to CMT Tin Hau Headquarters. (Please remark Student Name and Contact Number on the back of the cheque.)
  3. Visit our Headquarters in Tin Hau or our teaching centre in Prince Edward, fill in the form and pay the application fee by cheque or cash. CMT will arrange the audition for the applicant. 

The application fee is non-refundable.

If the applicant is absent from the audition or does not pass the audition, he / she is required to resubmit their application and application fee for another audition.


What is the procedure after applying for the course?

For CMT regular musical courses, applicants must attend and pass the audition to be held before commencement of the course. CMT will hold an audition every quarter (generally in late March, June, September and December) for member recruitment.


How can I know the audition time after applying for the course?

After receiving applications from the applicants, CMT will inform applicants of the audition details 2 weeks before the audition date via email.


How is the audition going to be?

Applicants will be grouped according to their ages and meet our artistic director and tutors in groups. During the meeting, participants will do self introduction, sing, engage in games and perform in the session of talent show*. (*Talent show is only required to applicants of Starkids II & III aged 7-17) The results will be released on the audition day, and precess for class entrollment if he/she pass the audition. 


Apart from the course fee, do I need to pay other fees?

  1. Each new member will pay a one-off admission fee ($520), untill withdrawal.
  2. CMT handbook fee ($20) 
    *Members must bring along their handbook for each lesson

You are only required to pay the fees after successful audition, any payments will not be refunded under any circumstances.



Is there any special arrangement for classes/ activities during bad weather?

Bad Weather Arrangements

Class/Activity Venue


Tin Hau Headquaters

Prince Edward's Teaching Centre

Tsuen Wan's Teaching Centre - Tsuen Wan Town Hall

Kai Tak's Teaching Centre

Amber Rainstorm Warning,

Typhoon Cyclone Warning
Signal no. 1 / Signal no. 3


CMT classes will be held as scheduled.

Red Rainstorm Warning


CMT classes will be held as scheduled.

Black Rainstorm Warning,

Typhoon Cyclone Warning
Signal no. 8 or above


  • If the Black Rainstorm Warning/ Signal No. 8 or above is issued by the Hong Kong Observatory within 2 hours from the commencement of classes, the classes will be cancelled.
  • If the Black Rainstorm Warning is issued during classes, the classes will continue until the end of normal class hours. Parents may pick up their children under safe conditions. CMT staff will look after the students who have not left the class venues.
  • If the Typhoon Signal no. 8 or above is issued during classes, the classes will be suspended. Parents may pick up their children under safe conditions. CMT staff will look after the students who have not left the class venues.

Note: Classes cancelled due to bad weather or influential diseases will not be refunded; besides, no make-up classes will be arranged.

Download the notice on Bad Weather Arrangements (PDF file)


What is the exposure for CMT members?

  1. Members attending CMT regular courses for two or more quarters are eligible for joining the CMT annual performance.
  2. Group C Starkids I members, who have attended lessons for two or more quarters, will have the opportunity of annual stage performances once or twice every year. Final casts and performance details will be provided after the audition (if any). 
  3. Group C (Starkids I) and Group A&B (Starkids II&III) members will have the opportunities to join anuual small-scale performances, with an aim to enrich their learning experiences.


Is there any scholarship available for application?

CMT provides scholarships to students in need or with excellent performance. Scholarships include:

1. Ada Ying Kay Wong JP Scholarship

2. HKCMT Scholarship

Application for CMT scholarships is open every January. Applicants should send us the completed application form with supporting documents for further review (including documents of family income proof).

All applications will be examined by the CMT management and the successful applicants will receive a letter of approval. Scholarships will be granted in April (from April of the current year to March of the next year). Students who receive scholarships must be committed to their studies in the coming year with full attendance. If any false declaration or inaccurate information is found in the applications, CMT reserves the rights to suspend, withdraw or claim back partial or full scholarship at any time.



Payment Method?

Tuition fees can be paid in cash, cheques, or FPS.

  1. Cheque by mail: 

    Cheque payable: The Hong Kong Children's Musical Theatre Limited
    Please remark 
    the following on the back of the cheuqe : a) Student Name, b) Parent Contact Number.
    Mailing address: Room 1103, 11/F, Park Commercial Centre, 180 Tung Lo Wan Road, Hong Kong

  2. CMT FPS Payment Method: 

    Bank: ​Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited
    Account Name: The Hong Kong Children's Musical Theatre Limited
    FPS Identifier: 0868463

    * Please remark in [TO PAYEE] the following: a) Student English Name, b) Class (if any), c) Parent Contact Number.
    * Please take a screenshot for the proof of payment, which must show the following: a) CMT Account Name/Number, b) Transaction Date/Time, c) Transaction Amount, d) Payment Account Number (if any). Otherwise, payment might not be recognized.
    * If no proof of payment is provided, the payment will not be recognized.
    *Please send us the proof of payment via (Whatsapp 5590 7330), and remark the following: a) Student Name, b) Class (if any), c) Parent Contact Number.
    * Please allow 7-working days for payment confirmation. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.