PanPan, Engel der Hoffnung (Re-run)

About the Performance

Created by Founding Artistic Director Justine Woo, PanPan, Engel der Hoffnung features the performance of singer/ composer Peco Tsui and over 100 children actors, with brilliant original compositions and choreography. Let’s join PanPan’s touching journey of spreading hope and helping others!


PanPan is born to be smaller than other angels, making him feel doubtful of himself and distance from others throughout his childhood. His life is filled with hope when he met a tutor who appreciated his uniqueness inside. In order to share his hope to others, he decides to enter the mortal life, where he will be facing a lot of unexpected challenges…


Preview of the theme song

Preview of the exclusive sing and dance footage

13/8/2015 (Thur) 8:00 pm
14/8/2015 (Fri) 8:00 pm
15/8/2015 (Sat) 2:00 pm
4:30 pm
8:00 pm
16/8/2015  (Sun) 2:00 pm
4:30 pm
8:00 pm


Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre